Monday, August 24, 2009

Super Saving Saturday!

Yay me! I really need to save money. I've tried couponing before, and it's been a disaster! But I've been determined to save money any way I can.
I started out the day going to a garage sale. I need lots of winter clothes for the kids and I can't afford to go buy brand new stuff. The garage sale I went to had a ton of boys clothes. These two women were selling all of their grandkids clothes (all boys). So I was able to find a ton of stuff for JRC. Mostly 18 months and 24 months, but I also was able to get some 2T and a few 3T. I also got him some snow shoes. I'm sure they will be too big, but they will be good enough once he gets socks on. I also bought a wagon and a scooter board. I'm going to paint the wagon and give it to JRC for Christmas (that's if the girls don't discover it first!) and the scooter board is like a snow board with handles. I figured the hubs would enjoy that! He's such a big kid! I spent $21 at the garage sale! Yay me! Oh and the first thing I picked up was a Saints jacket!! I was shocked! How funny is that?

First we went to Target.....I got....
Bounty paper towels-12 Giant
Cottonelle toilet paper-16 triple size
Leap Frog Tag
2 dove deodorant ($0.29 each! combined target coupon and MQ!)
CD-R's (100 ct.)
DVD-R's (50 ct.)
2 single serve Honey nut cheerios (free!)
Spent: $75.76 Saved: $65.24!
46% Savings

The paper towel I got cheaper than they were supposed to be. These weren't the ones that were one sale. It was actually a smaller pack. But the employee that was helping me told me these were $9.99. I got back to my car and realized they were $17.99! I went back in to return them and get the ones that were on sale (which were the better deal at $8.99 for 8) and they just gave me my money back for the difference! The Leap Frog Tag I got for $14.98! It was on clearance for $24.98 and I had a coupon for $10 (I think these are normally around $60)! The CD-R's and DVD-R's were $12 each. I didn't know that the toilet paper was on sale. I had a coupon for it too! And if I would have known that I wouldn't have to do two separate transactions with the Cheerios (target coupon wording made me think I would have to), I would have used a $1/2 coupon that I had for them and had overage! I'm still learning! Thanks April for your help!

Next we went to Baker's which was just right next door.

I got...
20-1/2 gallons of milk
4 bags of pizza rolls
2.5 lb Tyson frozen chicken
13 cans of Green Giant veggies
4 Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls
2 Pillsbury Grands Biscuits
4 Fruit Roll ups
2 Stickers
4 boxes of Go-gurt
9 Hamburger Helpers
8 boxes of cereal
Spent: $84.77 Saved: $69.10!
45% Savings

For those of you who who are my personal friends, you know that I've been looking for a twin mattress. And the ones we can find were being sold right before we could get there. Before we left Louisiana, my sister's mother in-law gave us a day bed with a trundle. MLC has not been wanting to sleep in her toddler bed lately. She naps in KJC's bed and at night we are constantly putting her back to bed and finally we give up and let her fall asleep in our bed. When we go to bed we just put her back in her bed. So we thought she might need a bigger bed to spread out in. A couple of people suggested Craig's List and I didn't think that would work since the closest listings were about an hour away. As I went to bed Friday night, it hit me. We are going to be near in town on Saturday! So I got up and looked on Craig's List. I found a mattress for $20! It was too late to call, so after I got home from the garage sale I called and he still had it. So after we did our shopping we met up with him and we got our mattress! Now we just need one more for the trundle!

So we spent a lot of money, but we also saved a lot of money. Who knows how much I saved by buying those clothes at the garage sale! Let's hope I can keep this up. I'm more optimistic now after my successful day! It's such a rush! Yay me!!!

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