Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Frugal Tip: Foaming Hand Soap

My sister gave me this idea for making foaming hand soap a long time ago, but I had a bunch of soaps that I had bought on sale and just recently ran out. A couple weeks ago, I ran out and decided to try it. I love it! My two year old wastes a lot of soap, so this helps stretch it out further.

This is how I did it:
I filled my old dispenser of foaming hand wash with water. I poured the water back into a measuring cup and poured out 1/3 of the water. I poured the water back in the soap bottle and filled the rest with liquid hand soap, rolled it around until it mixed well and VOILA! Foaming hand soap!

My sister tried it with baby wash and loves it. Her baby has sensitive skin and she has to use an expensive baby wash (and I think she uses organic) and by putting into a foaming soap bottle it stretches it out. So I imagine you can use this on any clearish liquid soap. Not sure if it would work on a creamy soap, but you can try it. I also read a blog at Engineer a Debt Free Life where they used their dish soap to do this same thing and uses it as hand soap. I don't think I would use dish soap as hand soap. Hand soap is designed specifically for hands and killing germs, and dish soap is not. But it did give me the idea of using the foaming dish soap for dishes and stretch out my soap. They used very little soap. Just enough to cover the bottom of the bottle. So this would stretch out your dish soap a lot! If you try it with a creamy soap email me or leave a comment and let me know how it worked and which soap you used. I'm definitely going to do this with the rest of our soaps. I just need to buy more dispensers. I had two, but some one threw one away before I could refill it!


April Hardy said...

This is the kind of stuff I like reading on your blog! I like the frugal, do it yourself, aspect of it. I have tons of liquid soap from buying it on sale too, so once it's gone I will give this a try. (and dish soap these days also has antibacterial stuff in it too...since you are using your hands to clean dishes)

Kerrie said...

I thought that maybe dish soap did, but didn't feel like getting up to check. There's something about using dish soap for my hands on a regular basis for me. I don't know. And I love making my own stuff too and finding new things. I think it's more of a rush than finding things on sale! But when I do find the stuff I use to make things like this and my wipes, it's double the rush!