Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Am Awesome!

4 Jumbo Huggies Diapers $5.99 each (combined Target Q & MQ)
2 Boost Kid Essentials $2.70 each (combined Target Q & MQ)
3 Spec. K snack bars and 1 spec. K cereal $0.08 each (combined Target Q & MQ, bought 4 got $5 gift card-which I paid for seprate and just used it on the other purchases)
2 Johnson's & Johnson's baby wash $1.14 each (TQ & MQ)
10 single serve General Mills cereals -$2.65 total! (That's right! NEGATIVE! TQ & MQ to get overage!)
Spent $39.74 Saved $58.59
60% savings

The baby body wash wasn't as good of a deal as some people are getting, but I use it to make my baby wipes, so it's a good for me. And the Special K deal I probably could have gotten it all free, but my printer is stupid. I sent coupons to it and they didn't print so the websites had me already printing one. Still a great deal anyway! Oh and when we got home from the last time I went to Target I found out that they didn't apply my $10 coupon for the L.F. Tag I bought. I was able to print another one and brought it back to get my refund and found a couple other coupons for items that I had bought and they refunded my money for those too! So I changed me savings. See my previous post.

I wasn't too thrilled with the sales this week, but I had this $3.50 coupon at Baker's for my entire order and it expires this week. So I decided to get 10 frozen veggies
Spent $6.50 Saved $10.40
62% savings

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