Friday, November 20, 2009

Earn Free Prizes or Cash by Searching Online!

I was trying to figure out what to blog about and decided that since I have a few new readers, I'll write about SwagBucks. SwagBucks is a great way to let you earn prizes and cash by searching the web. What you do anyway! All you do is sign up for SwagBucks, they give you 3 just for signing up. And when you are going to use a search engine to look for something online, you go through SwagBucks. The results are through Google and Ask. I know most people use Google anyway so why not get paid to search online? To make life easier, I've downloaded the toolbar and I just search from my toolbar. I earn about 3-4 bucks a day and if I buy $5 Amazon e-gift cards (which is probably the most popular prize), I average about $10 a month. They also have Target, Barnes & Noble, cash through PayPal and other gift cards and prizes. You can also earn bucks through SwagCodes. Sometimes you can find them through twitter, facebook, newsletters, blogs, swidgets or through the toolbar. When you find one, you copy and you go to their website and enter it in there. I know someone who was able to buy a laptop on Amazon by buying up Amazon e-gift cards with their bucks within a few months. It's really easy. Even if it takes you a while to accumulate bucks, you're really not doing anything extra for them, so why not do it? Sign up today to find out how easy it is to earn SwagBucks!

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