Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another Bill PAID!!!

Well it's official. Our van has been paid off! Man, I'm good! All I had to do is TOTAL THE VAN!!! Yep, if you haven't heard, we wrecked the van on our way to New Orleans (from Nebraska) to visit family. We drove all night and at five o'clock in the morning, I slid on ice in Jackson, Mississippi and totalled the van. Yes, I was driving! Of course! And it makes total sense that I had to leave Nebraska and slip on ice in Mississippi! So, what a great start to our vacation. We were three hours away from my parents house and luckily, my dad had spent the night at my brother's apartment which made him a tad bit closer. But when my dad was halfway we realized we all weren't going to fit in their SUV. So my mom borrowed a friend's Expedition and came and got us. She so graciously lent us her vehicle for the week too, so we all could fit and go places together. But man what a gas guzzler! So anyway, we had to rent a van to get back to Nebraska and we're all safe and happy to be in our own beds!

Luckily our van was worth what we owed on it. About 2 1/2 years ago, we financed 100% and the extended warranty. So we actually financed more than what it was worth. We even get new car seats out of the deal! (car seats and seat belts are one time use items, so if you ever get in an accident, make sure your insurance replaces the seat belts and car seats).

So, now what are we going to do? Well, when we got home, Sunday night we tried to fit the two car seats and booster seat into the back seat of the car and they fit! We just need to buy a seat belt extender so my daughter can reach the buckle. So since my husband works in the small city that we live in, we are not going to get another vehicle. And when the weather gets better, he can ride his scooter. The tentative plan is to get the credit card paid off (which will be paid off soon with our tax rebate) and we are going to try and get my student loans paid off which will hopefully be in a year. And then we will hold off aggressively paying down our debt and start saving for another van. That is, if I can convince my husband to start trying for a fourth. If we decide not to, then we can deal with the car and just continue paying down our debt.

Hospitals PAID 7/09
Credit Card #1 PAID 9/09
Credit Card #2
Auto PAID 2/10
My Student Loans
Hubs' Student Loans
Rental House Mort.**

Total Debt:

**we owned our own home and had to move and decided to rent it out. We are currently renting until we know where we want to settle down permantly.

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