Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bill Paid!!

Paid off Credit Card #1 today!  Well sort of.  I paid off the last statment's balance.  This is the card we use for our gas.  Most of the stuff on this card was from moving a few months ago.  We wanted to make sure everthing was transferred to our new account and we were back on track with our budget.  So I felt comfortable about paying it, so I did that today!  We will continue to keep putting gas on this card.  The reason why we do that, is because it makes it easier to budget.  Gas prices go up and down so much, it makes it hard to budget.  This way, we get our statement, we know how much we need to pay and we work it into our budget the next month.  And now I'm going to start doing automatic payments so I make sure it gets paid off every month.  But now that we've moved away from family, we don't pay very much in gas anymore.  Before we were constantly going somewhere.

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