Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Frugal Tip: Swiffer Pads

I just finished cleaning my floors and I'm so excited!! Yes, I said I was excited about cleaning my floors. My house is all tile. Except for a little section where our table goes. I think the previous owner ran out of tile and put down cheap carpet. It's stupid. Anyway... I used to use Swiffers to clean my floors. I mopped every week and would go through almost a whole box of Wet Jet pads. I have the Swiffer Max and always had a hard time finding cloths for them, so I stopped using it a long time ago. Well, a while ago I decided to stop using the Wet Jet, because it was getting too expensive. But my sponge mop broke down way too fast. I found a great alternative at The Nourishing Cookbook:

I found a cheap alternative to buying the Swiffer cloths to use with my Swiffer! Here is what you do: purchase some cheap washclothes (the kind you can buy at Walmart in a 10-pack). Buy a white or ivory color of washcloth so you can easily keep these "cleaning" cloths separate from your regular washcloths [I bought white so I could see the dirt better and just wrote "cleaning" on them so they wouldn't get mixed up with my other white rags]. Simply use these washcloths instead of the Swiffer cloths, attaching it to the Swiffer mop the same way you would the store-bought ones. The washcloth will be a bit big, so you will have some extra washcloth flopping on the top of the mop, but that is ok.

WET MOP: Run some hot water in a bowl in the sink and add some cleaner (whatever you use to clean your floors). Soak several washcloths at a time so you can rotate. Take one out, wring out most (but not all) the water, and attach to your Swiffer mop. Now mop your floor! When it gets too dry, take it off, throw it in the hot water solution, and get another washcloth out.

DRY MOP: Attach a dry washcloth to your Swiffer mop and dustmop with it "as is" or spray a bit of furniture polish on first (just be careful as this will make SLICK floors...speaking from experience!)When you are done mopping all your floors, throw these washcloths in with your towels to wash. This works great and is SO much cheaper that buying the store-bought cloths. Give it a try!

Here's what I think:

They are not as good as Swiffer products, but it is a great alternative if you want to save money. If you have a Swiffer Max, I suggest to get a regular Swiffer. I had to put two cloths to cover across which made them overlap and I didn't get the most out of my cloths. It would only pick up in the middle where they overlapped and a little bit on the sides. I wasn't too thrilled when using it dry at first, but when I got under furniture I was very impressed. What I did different for the wet mop was I didn't put my dirty cloths back into the cleaning solution. If you put dirty cloths back, then you would eventually be cleaning with dirty water. I've found too, that I can use less solution. Definitely half, probably more, therefore saving more money on cleaner. You will basically be doubling it! I found my cloths at Walmart in an 18 pack (or 16, can't remember) and it cost less than $4! I am so excited I found this! 

(originally posted from my personal blog in March)

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