Saturday, September 19, 2009

September Produce

It's always cheaper to buy produce when they are in season!  Again this was from the same email that I mentioned before.

Produce in Season:

Apples ~ Peak
Artichokes ~ New
Basil ~ Peak
Beans, Fresh Shelling ~ Peak
Bell Peppers
Celeriac/Celery Root ~ New
Chile Peppers
Cucumber ~ Peak
Eggplant ~ Peak
Figs ~ Waning
Fuyu (Firm) Persimmons
Garlic ~ Peak
Grapes ~ Peak
Hachiya (Soft) Persimmon
Kale ~ New
Kohlrabi ~ New
Melons ~ Waning
Okra ~ Peak
Orange, Valencia ~ Peak
Pears, Asian ~ Peak
Pears, Bartlett ~ Waning
Pistachios ~ New
Plums ~ Waning
Pomegranate ~ New
Potatoes ~ Waning
Quince ~ New
Summer Squash ~ Waning
Tomatillo ~ Waning
Tomatoes ~ Peak
Winter Squash ~ New


April Hardy said...

I have no idea what those terms mean! I just watch for sales. :)

Kerrie said...

waning-toward the end of the season, about to phase out.
peak-when they are the most abundant and are probably the cheapest.
new-at the the beginning of the season.

April Hardy said...

you should post that! people like me aren't up to date with produce jargon and terminology.