Monday, December 28, 2009

End of the Year Debt Analysis (2009)

  • Credit Card #1 PAID 9/09
  • Credit Card #2
  • Hospitals PAID 7/09
  • Auto
  • Rental House Mort.**
  • My Student Loans
  • Hubs' Student Loans

Total Debt:

Not bad for less than a year. I'm pretty surprised. For those of you who don't know, my husband had lost his job at the end of March. Right after I made a plan to get out of debt. So I didn't even get to start it. He was out of a job for 2 months and finally was able to get rehired, but for a lesser position, making less money, and we had to move ourselves 1,000 miles! Then we had to pay rent here and our mortgage on our home until it was rented out. So, I'm so glad we didn't get behind on all our bills. (If you are a new reader, make sure you read our story and find out all the drama that happened around the time when my husband lost his job. When it rains it pours!) Looking at my husband's student loans, I found out that they haven't budged since the last time I looked at the balance. Not even one cent! So all we are doing is paying interest. But I think it's due to double the payment probably within the year, so I need to hurry up and get a couple of these paid off so I can afford that payment!

**Our old house we lived in before we had to move. We are currently renting ourselves until we know if we are going to stay here for a while or move somewhere else.


Brandon and Jennie said...

Kerrie, $10,000 down! That is such an accomplishment! Y'all are doing awesome. I hope this new year will be easier on your family.

Kerrie said...

Thanks Jennie! Yeah, I just want to erase 2009 from my memory! It really sucked!

It really didn't seem like we did that much, but the numbers don't lie. It really is motivating me more to get it paid off! It will only get better next year!