Friday, December 11, 2009

Earn Free Prizes or Cash by rating websites through iRazoo

This is very similar to SwagBucks. If you sign up for iRazoo, you can search the web then click on websites to rate them. You get eight points per website, but you can earn an additional eight points if you write a comment (just make sure you write the comment before you rate the site. I had to learn that lesson the first time I did it). So you can earn 16 points per website you rate. iRazoo will give you 50 points just for signing up to start you off. You can earn a $5 Amazon gift card in 10 days, which is a little faster than SwagBucks. But if you do both, you can earn about $25 in Amazon gift cards a month (depending on how much you search and rate), maybe more. I think that's better than taking surveys! If you have any other questions just email me at kouponkueen (at) gmail (dot) com.

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