Monday, October 26, 2009

Frugal Tip: Dessert Party

I was reading this frugal book that someone found for me at the library and and it suggested a dessert party for frugal party ideas. It reminded me of the dessert parties we used to have. It was so much easier than having a group over for dinner. And we had a small house, so if we had a dinner party, we had trouble finding places for people to sit, plus their kids. So we could only ever invite one couple at a time. One night we did an impromptu dessert party. We had a chocolate fountain (like the ones you see at weddings), so we would provide the chocolate and asked friends to bring something to dip. Cookies, fruit, cake, pretzels, etc. It was our favorite thing to do. You could also just do cakes, cookies, brownies or whatever if you don't have a chocolate fountain. We haven't don't one in a long time. Now that we have moved to a new area, we need to do one.

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