Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Redesigned Recital Costume for Halloween

Do you have this recital costume?
My daughter wore it at her recital in May 2008. Last year I transformed it into a Minnie Mouse (black and white version) costume for Halloween! I paid $50 a piece for her two recital costumes and I was going to get my money's worth. I was just going to put her in it and that was it, but then three days before Halloween, my daughter was sitting on the couch with her Minnie Mouse and the idea popped into my head that I could make her costume into a Minnie Mouse costume. I was very proud of myself. It cost me a dollar or two to transform it to this....

I cut off the pink ribbon and added a black ribbon to the back for a tail (although you can't see it). I even sewed (by hand) lace to the leg openings to make bloomers (which you can't see, so I wouldn't bother with it). Viola! I had a Minnie Mouse costume! I put a black shirt underneath, she wore her white gloves that came with it. She later asked me where the three black lines were. It took me a while to figure it out, but then realized that all Disney characters have three lines on the back of their gloves. To do her hair, I put her hair in pig tails and then pulled it through half way. She had a ton of hair then, so I just pinned the extra to the back of her head. I stood up the "buns" with pins and fanned it out to make ears. Then I sprayed the front part of her hair black. I also sprayed glitter on top. You need some kind of glitter for girls on Halloween, right? Then I pinned the bow (which came with the costume too) to the top of her head. Then I tied the laces from her tap shoes to her shoes.

We went trick or treating on a hayride and someone else who was not with us who was passing by on a different hayride saw her and noticed she looked like Minnie Mouse! I was very proud of myself!

**Updated 10/26/09-I just tried this on my five year old and it still fits! It's a little snug, but she can still wear it. She was fitted for this costume almost two years ago! So I'm so surprised! If you have it still pull it out and try it on your little girl!

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