Friday, October 23, 2009

Old Navy Coupons Giveaway @ EADFL

Engineer a Debt Free Life (EADFL) is giving away a $25 off $100 and two 25% off coupons. It's not as good as previous weeks. There were no $75's, but they added the $25's. And I think most people in the chatroom had a hard time getting their page to load up. I know I did. All the $50's were gone by the time mine loaded up. But if you are going to Old Navy anyway, why not have a coupon?
I won't be posting anything today and through the weekend. I'm going to a conference this weekend and I still need to pack (although, that won't take long) and I need to clean my house. Someone from church is coming over to watch my kids for a couple hours until my husband comes home from work. And just cleaning the living room isn't going to work this time! LOL! Have a nice weekend.

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