Thursday, October 1, 2009

This is sooooo stressful!

I kind of knew yesterday was going to be a bad shopping day! I didn't do too bad as far as the savings went, but not as much as I would have liked. I have to go shopping with my two year old and my 13 month old though. To find the best deals I have to drive at least 45 minutes. So I don't want to wait until my husband gets home and be shopping all night. Plus I'm usually exhausted by the end of the day and I don't feel like shopping. And I don't want to take up our Saturdays, so I'm stuck shopping with my kids. They drove me nuts yesterday! I was so tired when I got home and had a huge headache all night! Then I realized I forgot the $13 comforters for my kids at Target! We really need them now that we've moved to Nebraska (from Louisiana!)! I might have to go back. I didn't take any pictures of my stuff. I was too tired and had to deal with three kids!

Spent: $130.10 Saved: $48.36
37% Savings
I think my best deal was the shaving stuff. I bought a fusion razor, three 4pk cartridges, gillete deoderant and fusion shaving gel. If I bought 2 fusion razors or cartridges, I got a $5 gift card. So I bought a razor and three cartridges. I had a $2 coupon for the razor and had a coupon for a free shaving gel with a purchase of cartridges and a coupon for a free gillete deodorant with a purchase of a cartridge. Then the deodorant had a free sample deodorant! I also needed conditioner and had a coupon that was going to expire for for two Pantenes. They weren't on sale, but I did find some that had a smaller bottle attached. So I got a pretty good deal on something I needed anyway. I got 4 skippy PB for $1.04 and two poptarts for $0.88 and 4 chex mixes for $0.49. I also bought 33.68 worth of diapers. I bought them in bulk because I didn't have any coupons and even though the jumbo packs were on sale, it was still cheaper to buy the bulk boxes. I also bought a few other things that I needed and weren't on sale, but needed. Not too bad though.

Spent $70.67 Saved: $27.74
39 % Savings
I didn't do too well as I thought I was going to do. But my biggest score was half gallon whole milk for $0.75! It was a manger's special and wasn't advertised in the paper. Wish we had our freezer! I would have stocked up! I also stocked up on Kroger Veggies. They ended up being less than $0.42 a can.

Although I didn't do as well as I would have liked but at least I saved something!

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