Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Consignment Shopping 11/14

If you are in the Omaha, Nebraska area, a friend of mine told me about a really great consignment store, Bigwheels 2 Butterflys. I'm not really an experienced consignment store shopper. I really don't have time to try and find a good one. But I know that the prices can be ridiculous for used clothes. There are two of these stores in the area and across from the one in Papillion is their clearance store, B2B Last Chance, where everything is $1. My friend said she came out of that store with two bags of clothes for her baby girl and paid $25 for everything. I didn't find much in that store. I was looking for specific things, but I did find a couple of flannel footie pajamas for my 15 month old son. We went across the street to the regular store and I found this cute suit for my son for $4.50.

Then my husband found a Dora DVD for my almost 3 year old for $2.50 and an Elmo thingy for $4.50. She loves Dora and even though it's an Easter DVD, she won't care. She also loves Elmo and this particular toy, one of her speech therapists in Louisiana had it and she loved it. Then we found the Peek a Blocks Hippo (I think that's what it's called) for $6 complete with blocks! It looks brand new too. So we got that for my son for Christmas.So between the two stores I spent about $22 on everything! Not bad! I was looking for formal looking dresses for my girls, but they said once they are put out on the racks, they are pretty much gone. The next time I need clothes, I'm definitely going back.

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