Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shop Mr. Rebates for cash back on online purchases.

Mr. Rebates

I signed up for Mr. Rebates yesterday. It's just like Cashbaq. If you shop through their site, you can get money back on your online purchases. If you are going to sign up for an Online Rebate program, it is best to sign up for a few. Some sites will give you more money back than other sites. Just a little advise: If you are signing up for a couple of of these, I made a spreadsheet with the stores I shop at and what percentage I get back for each Rebate Program. Makes easier to decide who to go through. Oh and the best part about these sites. When you click on the store, it tells you what coupons, sales and deals that site has going on. Cashbaq even had that Walmart had Maternity clothes on clearance. (Oh and I didn't know this when I signed up, but I'm noticing that you can get $5 bonus just for signing up)

This is some of the comparisons I've done so far:

Online store*Upromise*Cashbaq*Mr. Rebate
Children's Place_3%_____3%_______3%
Old Navy______5%____3%_______3%

Of course there are a lot more online stores to choose from.
Also sign up for:
Cashbaq ($5 bonus just for signing up!)

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