Monday, November 9, 2009

In a Slump!

One of the reasons I started this blog is to help me stay on track. Now that I have a few readers, I feel like I have to succeed because I have people watching me and it is helping. I just get discouraged at times. This past week has been one of them. Will I ever be able to get out of debt? At this point it seems like it will never work. I just can't see it. With a family of five, it seems like what ever extra money we do have, needs to go somewhere else. I've been thinking this past week, that I really can't wait to get our tax refund check back so we can get the ball rolling on paying down our debt and hopefully I will have a more positive outlook on the future. But then I remember about our house in Louisiana that we are renting out. I have no idea what that is going to do as far as taxes go. I guess we will see. I have finally gotten back on the ball as far as finances go. Ever since the move, I just couldn't get organized. That might be one of the reasons I'm feeling the way I'm feeling about all this. I'm finally starting to see the big picture again and although paying down our debt has always been on my mind, it's front and center now. I've also been thinking about Christmas too and wanting to go to Wyoming for Thanksgiving and wondering how we are going to do all that. So there has been a lot on my mind lately. We just need to get through the next few months without getting into more debt. I was watching Raising Sextuplets on WE and the doctor was telling the father/husband that if he could get through the holidays with out gaining weight, he was OK. He wasn't worried about him losing wait at this time, he just didn't want him to gain anything. I guess that's what we all need to think about this season. Not getting deeper into debt. So that's my goal this holiday season. No new debt! Thanks for listening! Just a little blog-therapy here. It helps! :)


April Hardy said...

People go into debt at Christmas time? Just for presents? It blows my mind! I don't understand why people don't spend within their means. But I have never used a credit card to help me survive and live financially so maybe my views are a little baised. If you are trying to avoid debt for Christmas, maybe make your trip to Wyoming you and Ryan's gift to each other. (Drew and I may be going to Cali the first week in Dec. and that might be our gift to each other- taking the kids to DisneyLand) and Autumn and Weston. I have been stocking up on stuff all year for them, for birthdays and Christmas. I went to a garage sale a few weeks ago and got Autumn a 3 story doll house for $10, a plastic kitchen for $5, and Weston a basketball hoop for $5- which are hiding in Drews trunk until Christmas. I am finding great deals through out the year, and not spending outside of my means. Also- Drew and I, along with Mark and Christy are on a cash system. It really helps to not spend more than you have. If you want more details on our strategies I can share them! Drew and I have very minimal debt, only his car and my student loans (and the house we are about to close on), but these are debts that are considered to be ok, especially by leaders of our church. So they don't burden us.

Kerrie said...

Ryan and I haven't bought each other a Christmas present since 2005 I think (and I think the only gift that was givin to either one of us was an XBOX 360 for his 30th bday). It's just never in the budget. Ryan losing his job and us moving didn't help much this year. We're just now starting to recover from that. Except for the emergency room visit for three of us the very night we moved here. I've been trying to go to garage sales and finding things for the kids(I did find a wagon I'm fixing up for JRC), but I really haven't been able to find anything and the garage sales have kind slowed down here now that it's getting colder. I'm hoping to do better next year. I do have a few things, but not much. I think I finally decided to take some money out of our savings. I didn't want to do that, b/c we just started it back up and I'm not really comfortable about where it is at right now, but it's better than putting everything on a credit card. Luckily my kids are still little and I can get away with only buying a few little things and then letting family member's gift fill in the rest. They don't care!