Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Couponing System Do I Use?

Currently I use the "no clipping system." It's where you take your inserts and write the date on the front and catalog the coupons and only cut the ones you need. Right now this works best for me because I have to go shopping with my kids and I can't bring the big book of coupons with me when ever I go shopping. And I can't really be spending my time looking around the store looking for clearances and other things anyway. I have to drive at least 45 minutes, so my kids are already tired of it by then. I think when the kids are in school and I can go shopping by myself, I might clip all my coupons and still catalog them so I'm not so overwhelmed by the sea of coupons. Here is a couple of videos from The Obsessive Shopper to teach you how to coupon. I'm a visual learner, so these videos and her step by step explanation were great to help me learn. Also visit her site to get the complete "System".

She also has an spreadsheet you can download for free to catalog your coupons, price list, savings tracker.
("this tracking form" for spreadsheet).

Gathering your coupons:


The Fords said...

My brain is going to explode.

Tina said...

I was thinking the same thing...I would give up before I even started

Kerrie said...

It is a bit overwhelming and it took me a while to actually get it. I pretty much had to watch the videos and then play with the spreadsheets on my own. I like this better b/c I can press ctrl F and search for what ever product I'm looking for. When I use to cut all my coupons, my eyes would get blurry trying to find the coupons I was looking for and then they might not be there. I can put in here the ecoupons that are on my loyalty cards and all the internet coupons too.