Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Question for Y'all

I'm hoping someone can answer this. I know I can combine the ecoupons from Upromise with manufacturer coupons. Can I do this will all ecoupons that I put on my store loyalty card, like from P&G eSAVER? Oh and the ecoupons from Upromise aren't out of pocket savings, it's money that gets credited to your account, right?



April Hardy said...

No, you can't combine coupons from P&G, because the online coupons are basically another source for people who don't get the paper, the coupons on line and the coupons in Sunday paper inserts are usually almost the same. So you can't combine them because it'd be like using two identical coupons for the same item. Make sense?

April Hardy said...

And yes, just like in my post, the savings get put towards your "college fund account." So it's not instant savings, but since you can use a coupon also you are getting instant savings in that sense.