Thursday, November 12, 2009

Old Navy Thrusday

It's Thursday once again! Don't forget to check out Old Navy Weekly to search for some amazing coupons! Remember, no one knows exactly when Old Navy is going to update. Just keep refreshing the page every once in a while.
To increase your odds at finding a high value coupon, go to Engineer a Debt Free Life's chatroom. Sometimes I like to go in there and just chat. It's a great way to find out different ways to save money. Money Savin' Mamma is in there from time to time through out the day. She has some great secrets to saving money! I'll be in there later today. I want to clean the girls' room today (looks like a hurricane went through there!). So I'll be pretty busy today. Good Luck!

1 comment:

Brandon and Jennie said...

uggghhhhhh, kerrie! thursdays stress me out! i want to win!