Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm Back

Last Tuesday we drove through the night from Nebraska to Louisiana. It's been five months since we've moved and we wanted to spend Thanksgiving with our family. The only person we told was my dad. We surprised everyone else. It was great! My daughter thought we were moving back and didn't want to come home. :(

How was y'all's Black Friday? My sister in-law and I woke up early to catch some of the deals. We didn't wait in line. If we couldn't get it, then we didn't need it. But now I'm pretty much done with Christmas shopping. I need one more gift for a relative and maybe a couple small things for the kids. Last week I bought a Razor scooter for my daughter using the 20% off coupon in Target's Toy Coupon Book. I wasn't suppose to use the coupon for that particular scooter, but the cashier forced it through for me, since I told her I really didn't want the Barbie one (which I was willing to buy, if I couldn't use the coupon on the one I wanted). So I paid $23.99 for it (originally $29.99). Not too bad. But then I came home and found a website for the Black Friday deals and noticed that Target was going to have it for $17! I packed it for the trip to Louisiana just in case, but forgot the receipt! My sister in-law told me that as long as I had my card that I paid with, they would be able to take it back. So on Black Friday I grabbed the scooter and went ahead and paid for it and if I needed to return that one, I would. Then we went to Walmart to get some things there (which took forever!). We went back to Target and I returned the scooter no problems. I look at my receipt and noticed that they gave back the full $29.99. Of course I wanted to be honest on the told her that I had used a 20% off coupon on it. She told me that the computer knows what it's doing and not to worry about. So I paid $10 for my scooter (b/c I got back tax that I never paid too). How awesome is that?! I'm guessing that since the cashier forced it through, it wasn't attached to the item.

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